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YITU Technology Research Scientist Wu Shuang to Deliver EmTech Asia Talk on Evolution of AI Startup, from Idea to Award-Winning Applications

Research scientist joining roster of outstanding presenters at upcoming conference

Shanghai, January 24, 2018 – YITU Technology’s AI research scientist Dr. Wu Shuang will be joining the roster of top influencers and innovators when he presents his address “A Chinese AI Startup’s Journey” at the EmTech Asia conference January 30 -31 in Singapore.

YITU Technology, the leading AI startup in China, is renowned for its extremely accurate and fast facial recognition algorithms, assisted medical diagnosis capability and smart city solutions already in use in the financial, public safety and healthcare industries. Dr. Wu will discuss what is so special about the AI boom now underway, the ways that startups can remain competitive even among the tech giants and how companies like YITU can identify the right problems to solve with AI algorithms.

In this presentation, the audience will hear how YITU started, grew its solutions and became a major AI solution provider in just six years. He will also discuss case studies highlighting the incredible real-life scenarios that YITU is addressing to meet the needs of its customers.

“The world with artificial intelligence is thrilling and getting more so every day. The industry may not fully appreciate its power because as the progress might be 'nonlinear'. It is almost as if AI solutions slowly crept up on us. And when we realize AI's full power, we will be amazed," said Dr. Wu. "AI will change the world and impact people's lives more profoundly than we could ever imagine."

The talk will take place at 9:30am on 31st January at EmTech Asia. For more information about YITU Technology, visit

About YITU Technology

YITU Technology (YITU) is a pioneer in practical artificial intelligence (AI) research and innovation that provides advanced AI-based business solutions to build a safer, better and healthier world. YITU boasts a world-class R&D team that drives industrial development to find comprehensive solutions in the areas of machine vision, speech and language understanding.

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Eva Chen

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